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I'm a funky flower child with the attitude of a Misfit!

When I migrated from St.Louis to Chicago for school I was unsure of who I really was, thus began my deep search for myself. The fast pace environment of Chicago jolted me out of my midwest mentality and spit me back out into a world of unknowns. The change in scenery definitely influenced my design aesthetic and personal style, and really drove me to the world of sustainable and ethical fashion. Growing up I never felt as though I fit in, moving to Chicago was very freeing, it allowed me to find my voice and be bolder in everything I do. I felt a release. Being engulfed in a creative atmosphere has allowed me to explore other creative outlets and collaborate with other artists. Dance has always been something I love being a part of, recently I have been collaborating with artists on projects inspired by movement. Music is a huge inspiration on who I am designing for. Punk rock, hippie and street elements are the three main music genres that influence my design and push me to create. 

Fashion has and always will be a part of my life but it's importance and necessity in my life has become much greater since I started letting myself be my true self. There is real beauty in the way that a garment can tell a story. Clothing is a wearable representation of one’s innermost being. It speaks to the world around you, giving them a small glimpse of who you are, so I believe it should be an impactful one. Be whoever you want to be, don’t allow the judgements of world around you to dictate the person that you are. So, let your bad self shine, I do.